Reaction to the Start Wars Trailer - A Sonnet

So I've been trying to think of a way to comment on the new Star Wars trailer. Many people have already done wonderful job talking about all the awesome in this trailer, so I don't want to rehash the same points. So instead I am channeling my 13 year old self, the girl who loved Star Wars and corny poetry so much it hurt, to bring you a sonnet about the parts of the trailer that really struck home for me....

Lighting down my spinal column
Ok, this pic isn't from the second trailer, but I did say I was
channeling my 13 year old self, who is now swooning
Once again we're brought to Tatooine*
but in this time the view is solum
as long crashed ships litter the scene

The force is strong in my family, Luke said
in the voice I've heard in my dreams for years
a twisted reminder that his father's dead,
their hands, a link, which can summon tears

Dark memories fade with the sight of a child
Taking the future in her hands?
to say my heart leapt would be putting it mild
Already this trailer is perfect as it stands

Then Han and Chewie appear to say that last line
Did your eyes tear up? So did mine.

(*ok, apparently it's not Tatooine? That's kind of good, I'm hoping to see some new planets, I really am hoping to see Corillia. Yeah I read the books, shut up. But I'm trying to stay away from spoilers which is why I didn't know the Tatooine thing when I wrote the sonnet.)

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