Kids, weddings, and spousal murder.

This weekend I'm attending my cousin's wedding. The kids are very excited. I don't think they're excited for the wedding, per se (not sure they really know anything about weddings outside the My Little Pony wedding episode) but they are very excited to wear their new shoes. They know a thing or two about dress-up. 

And about marriage dynamics. Or at least they think they do. Little kids imitate family life in their play all the time. It's adorable and sometimes a little scary when you notice them reenacting your life (like how all the kids are "sweeties" because I always call them "sweety"). But other times you just have to sit back and watch and wonder where the hell they got that idea.
Dani (left), Kaylee (right). 

Dani: Leave! you're ruining my baseball party.
Kaylee: No, I'm never leaving. I'm staying here until I die, until I grow old and die. I'm not leaving 'till I'm dead.
Dani: Ok, if you stay here until you die, then I'll have to kill you!
Kaylee: (stomps her foot) No! You got married with me already, we already had the wedding, so you have to do nice things to me, we can't break up!
Dani: Ok. but hey, it's my birthday.

Congrats on your wedding, Mary and Pat and every other committed couple out there. May you not kill each other over a baseball party.


  1. I have read Kaylee and Dani's conversation over and over again. It makes me laugh everytime!

    1. they are so funny. sometimes I think I should just record them all the time when they're playing