Ping's Big Shit

My kids go to a wonderful preschool/daycare center. The school is great, really. They take the kids on fun fieldtrips, they engage them with a variety of activities in the classroom, and they teach all those things you kind of expect from a preschool. Like proper socialization and their ABCs. In fact, I think my kids are probably better socialized than I am, which isn't hard, because I was wicked shy for years and now I'm just wicked awkward. Wicked. Awkward. But my ABCs are pretty good.

Anyway, the point I wanted to make wasn't about our social skills but about the school. It is great. But it is also the root of some *facepalm* style hilarity. Each day the parents get an email from the teachers, and each week there is a news letter too. These are reasonably formal, they're not just sent as an email, but also hung on the classroom bulletin board. And some of them are so poorly constructed that it makes for a great comedy of errors.

Here are a few gems from the past couple months (with names removed for privacy's sake):

This is a favorite because of the text highlighted in blue. The rest of the email is pretty par for the course. 
Part of a weekly news letter.

That shit's golden, isn't it? Especially Pings Big Shit. I imagine it looks something like this:
Please ignore Ping's obviously deformed legs.

I'll almost be sad when my daughter grows out of that class... but glad that she'll grow out of it before she's learning the finner points of English grammar. Or how to read.


  1. Holy Crap, are they letting the students write the letters? Maybe they should cut back to the once a week and take the time to edit. And spell check.

  2. This makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. "Playing in Ping's big shit." Heh.