What's with The Mark?

The title of this blog was thought up by my super awesome sister. The Mark is the name of the building where my grandmother used to own a vacation condo in Floria. When I was a kid we went down there several times for family vacation. The pool at The Mark is the location of many happy memories. Me and my sister always had fun at pools. We'd play games, like jumping off the edge of the pool in the style of different characters from the Sound of Music. We were totally obsessed with the Sound of Music for a while, although more with our own elaborate game rather than the actual movie. We had fleshed out the charters extensively, to the point where one of us could jump off the side of the pool stiffly and the other would immediately know it as a perfect impression of Friedrich, and we'd laugh hysterically.

Me and my sister at The Mark pool. I'm the bigger one.
Later, when I was a young teenager, we went back. Only then we weren't playing Sound of Music, instead I was driving my sister crazy with my obsession for Star Wars and Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker). On that trip the name of the building took on new meaning. To me it was a sign, a sign that the universe was acknowledging  my true love. To my sister I'm sure it was just another example of how weird her big sister was. Either way, we're never going to forget that place or its name.

So The Mark comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia and childhood memories. But why *Off* The Mark? Well, maybe because I'm a little off. A little weird. If you doubt that, stick around to read the post called Enter the Thought Monkey (coming soon!). Yup, I'm cray-cray. But that's ok. I have awesome stuff in my life. Like my sister. <3