This is my lazy post, just mostly links and pictures and little actual writing. Hopefully the fist of many (don't I have high aspirations, y'all?!). This is a collections of things I've seen around the internet of note this week.

The "this needs to be 'shopped" of the week

I was listening to public radio and the announcer said they'd have a segment on "genetically engineered... babies!" And she said it with such a spooky voice that, although I know they're talking about something like this, all I could do was picture something like this:

The "if you're not angry, you're not paying attention" of the week:

You probably heard about the Stubenville rape case, the rape of a 16 year old girl by 2 high school football players. I heard of the guilty verdicts on the radio (MPR! <3) and pretty pleased, then I saw the mass media coverage and was angry. And you should be too. Read more at Jezebel (Jezebel: The Egregious Awful and Downright Wrong Reactions to the Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict) or if you're anti-Jez, just google it!

The Star Wars news of the week:

Star Wars VII rumors! There is lots of buzz around the internet about Mark Hamill, Carie Fisher, and Harrison Ford coming back for the next Star Wars film, set to be directed by JJ Abrams. But the rumor from that the new movies will feature the Skywalker/Solo children has me all a tingle.  Will they stick to the extended universe set-up, and have Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin? Will there be Mara Jade? *squee* Geek moment.

Video of the week:

I was going to post a cool Star Wars parody song, but it's by College Humor and you can't embed those. This is freaky and kind of cool though.

I was going to add a cool hockey moving gif. Then remembered that I don't like moving gifs, so I didn't. You're welcome. 

EDIT: It has been pointed out by my husband that a genetically engineered baby should have like wings or a dorsal fin, and that my picture ignores the "genetically" part all together. Yeah, well. Shut up.

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