Off The Mark

Off The Mark is a new blog I've started. Finally all the wonderful inspiration from other amazing bloggers bubbled over inside of me and pushed past the OCD and anxiety that tells me the blog will just be a failure and a new way for others to judge me. :)

This blog will not be terribly focused, at least not at first. I'm a mom, a hockey player, a geek, and a crazy person. I have OCD, but not the clean-freak type you see on tv. I don't wash my hands 100x a day. In fact I hate washing my hands because having drying hands is like the most uncomfortable feeling in the whole world. I have a lot of lotion. I'm the kind of OCD-er that panics when somebody steals my usual seat around the lunch table, and hopes I can fall asleep with only minimal time spent antagonizing over that stupid thing I did when she was 18 (or 14, or 22, or 30, or 7).

This blog isn't about my anxiety disorder, per se, but it colors my perspective. In fact, I'm not sure what I'd say this blog is about. It's just about stuff. Stuff that happens in the life of a crazy hockey playing mom with a day job.


  1. I am loving your blog!! Your writing voice is smart, hilarious, and very real. Thank you!