All about the boobies

Although I am a believer in saying vagina instead of vajayjay, cootchie, or anything animal based for my lady parts, I am not so clinical when it comes to my chest. I have boobies. I have breasts too, but they are in the fridge marinating in some teriyaki sauce. Because they're from a chicken. (just so we're clear).

Like most women I have a somewhat complex relationship with my boobs. But mostly I just love them to death. They've been good to me, and to my babies. My boobs are pretty amazing. So I wrote them a sonnet...

As a girl I'd wish on the brightest stars
Please grant me some boobies, I'd pray
I must have been wishing on the shine of mars
For they grew from zero to C in what felt like a day

Although descending the stairs made me hold them tight
And bras were a puzzle that turned my cheeks red
I would be thankful every night
As I cuddled my boobies alone in my bed.

Over the years, these boobs served me well
They fed my two babies, so sweet was that bond
And I can't be too sad that their perkiness fell
They're beautiful still (my husbad is fond)

Whether you say boobie, ta-ta, knocker, or breast
Mine are my own and I love them the best.

So for this, my first "Theme Thursday" I am proud of my boobs. What are you proud of?


  1. I love your boobies too...wait um, that came out wrong.

    I love that you love your boobies. And I love your poem. And I love my boobies too!

  2. Now I never thought to write about my boobs... Now I'm sad.

    1. no, boobs should never make you sad! they should make you happy!

  3. Having a good relationship with our boobies is very important. Loved the poem ... original.

  4. Because they're from a chicken...bahahaha. I enjoyed your poem. I think it's the first boobies poem I've ever read.

  5. This is awesome!