Oh what dramatic beings teenagers can be...

Many times on this blog I have mentioned that I am a huge Star Wars fan, and that I am also, and always have been, a little weird. Luckily for me I also have almost always been a writer... in the sense that I write things down. So not only do I remember being a really dorky teen with a big crush on Luke Skywalker, I have proof. Please enjoy this diary entry I made when I was 14 (which also goes to prove how desperately bad my spelling was, and honestly, still is if I don't have access to spellcheck).

Hello, I'm back and tonight I hope to have adiquite time to write an entry
of acceptable length.  Unlike the last three time I have attempted to 
write to you this time I do not have to rush off to hockey soon nor do I 
have the over hanging thret of dinner on it's way.  
  I feel as though I have been born again into the hands of Luke Skywalker
It may sound strange to you but the feeling is one of love happieness and,
though I do not wish to acnolage it, a feeling of empending doom.  I have
felt this feeling before but then I did not know of the eventual outcome
and the emotion thrived on my inocence.  Being nieve as I was, I did not
feel the impending doom and there-for totally enjoyed the experiance
compleatly.  I have a new Star Wars book and the feeling that I love Luke,
I adore Mark in a very deep maner but due to the fact that I have never
truely met the man I cannot truely love him.  Luke on the other hand, I
feel I know all there is to know about him and I enjoy learning more in
each page.  Luke's thoughts are dignified and wholesome, his actions are
brave and heroic.  He has one flaw and it comes in a package know as The
Crystal Star.  As Darth Vader put it "That name, no longer has any meaning
for me!"  I do feel in my hearts of hearts that my destony is not fixed
and I am in charge of my own actions.  
  I grow more and more tiered with every word I type and I hope to god 
that I can stay awake long enough to finish this letter, take my shower
and get into bed.  As my eye lids droop I remember my book, sitting on 
the shelf waiting for me.  I don't believe I have the energy or enthusiaum
to read much more than I already have today.  I must go now.

                           -Alison 5/23/97

And that, ladies and gentleman is why you should always keep a journal, preferably on a computer without spellcheck, so that you can embarrass yourself on the internet 16 years later! But seriously, I'm glad I have so many old entries like this, because it's hard to imagine being full of teen drama and angst, but I'll always have these as a reminder. So when my daughters are heartbroken over their love for Harry Potter or something, I'll be more sympathetic. Perhaps.


  1. "Acnolage"took me a minute to decipher. Cute entry :-) I wish I still had some of my writings from that age.

  2. My 4yo just started keeping a journal last week. Some nights, he fights me on writing in it, but I keep telling him how much he'll enjoy reading it when he's older.

    1. wow, journaling at 4? Impressive! I was planning on starting that with my daughter in kindergarten, but mostly to keep her english grammar improving...

    2. I stole the idea from Momaical and Let Me Start By Saying. Both of their daughters are required to journal for kindergarten.

  3. oh god! and I thought my journal entries were bad! haha. Glad to know someone else out there was as strange and obsessed as I was. (although, I have to admit, I did have better grammar. :P )

  4. Haha! Nice!! I'm glad I'm not the only one w/ embarrassing old journal entries! The oldest stuff I have is from my late teens/early 20s, but I have kept a journal since I was in elementary school. Boy, I wish I could get my hands on the stuff from back when I was in love with NKOTB or Bon Jovi! *lol*