On Ice on sale!

My book, Teammates: On Ice (you may have heard me mention it one or two million times) comes out September 20th, 2020. That's only three days away! I've been working toward this moment for two years and I'm nervous as fuck. But also more excited than words can express. The book is good. And it's the first in a series. Once I'm done writing this blog post I'll be going back to revising book 3. 

Do me a favor, lovely people... You see, I don't have a big marketing team, so I'm relying heavily on social media and word of mouth. So after you read the book, leave a review, recommend it to your friends, ask your local libraries and bookstores to carry it. I make basically no money off paper copies sold at small bookstores unless I work directly with them, and even then it's less than through Amazon or B&N but that's okay. I didn't write this book to get rich. I wrote it because the stories it tells are deeply personal and important to me. 

On Ice is not a book about hockey, it's a book about people. These people just happen to come together through hockey. You don't need to be a hockey person to like this book. If you'd enjoy reading about four badass women challenging the patriarchy and each other while throwing around a few 'fucks' and the occasional Firefly reference, then this is the book for you.

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