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 I had forgotten I wrote this, so pretend it got posted like two months ago, okay?

I have been struggling hardcore with depression lately. I was already being treated for anxiety and depression before the onset of the covid pandemic, but the complete disruption to daily life and prolonged unknowingness has plunged me deeper into the darkness that is depression. This has made being "productive" in any way very difficult. However! There is light. Therapy is giving me hope and the Teammates train is still chugging along. (I give mad props to "Past Ali" for setting me up pretty well there).

On Ice has gotten good reviews and was recently reviewed by Chick Lit Café, here's just a snippet: 

Teammates: On Ice by Alison Sommer is an action-packed book created to excite and entertain. It is complete with drama, intrigue and dynamic relationships that really speak to the modern reader. Even if you don’t understand a single thing about hockey, you are going to love this book.

 And the fantastic and talented Lessa Lamb has brought On Ice to life in the Audible audiobook version. I am so impressed with her. I've read the books aloud a million times but never got Fitz's voice to sound right coming out of my mouth. And I am absolutely in love with her rendition of Tessa. She reads with so much emotion she got me to tear up! And I wrote it! That's impressive. I hope you'll check it out.

Last major book update: that the second book in the series Teammates: Take Shots is coming out next month! This is a little hard for me because I haven't been able to get as amped up and ready for its release as it deserves due to the depression. I love Take Shots. It really takes the reader through the wringer with these women. It gives me all the feels. Look for it online and in stores March 10th, 2021! (Happy birthday to me!) Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful cover by the talented Predrag Markovic

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