Why I blog... Dr. Seuss style

This week has been insane, I've had very little time to write, with my lunches taken up with work and my evenings filled with a million extra things (tattoo appointment, book club meeting, teacher conference...) and my stash of pre-written posts has run thin. But this blog is very important to me, so I really want to respond to the Finish the Sentence Friday's prompt... in the form of a dorky poem.

I blog because I want to share,
I blog in hopes that you might care,
about the issues dear to me,
a perspective that you might not see

I blog to share a laugh with you
I blog because it's something new
I blog about the good and bad
and shit that makes me really mad

I blog about my mental health
and keepsakes sitting on my shelf
I blog about my sweet-ass tat
I blog about the dog and cat

I blog about my love for tits
I blog about hot lava shits
I'll blog about most anything
I can write (but I really can't sing)

And if I'm telling the whole truth
this blog is like a kissing booth
so pucker up and comment on the post
that you have read and like the most

And if your heart is all a flitter
like my facebook and follow on twitter
I want to get to know you too
because I blog for me, and also you

Happy Friday everybody! If you're in the US, enjoy your long weekend and be sure to spare a thought or a prayer for the real reason we have a Memorial Day holiday. <3


  1. Alison, this was quite literally awesome and loved how you explained why you love to blog in your awesome poem. I loved it all, especially the for the love of your tits (sorry that line totally put a smile on my face)!! Thank you seriously for linking this up with us and do hope you will join us again int he future!!

    1. thanks, I will continue to link up when I can. :)

  2. Love this poem, cute and quirky like you. However, I didn't see one made-up word in it. It's not Dr. Seuss unless it contains a word that ends in "oozle" or some such adorable nonsense. ;-)

    1. I disagree, there're no silly owrds in Green Eggs and Ham. Even Hop on Pop is pretty much all real words. So there. ;)

  3. PERFECT post for a HOP! This is my first time stopping in, and you have definitely piqued my curiosity. I'm working my way backward through this week's posts, so I'm going to finish making the rounds, but I'll be back to wander around. :) #FTSF

  4. That is hilarious and awesome. LOVED it!

  5. Very, very clever. Kudos to you :D This is one of the most inventive FTSF responses I've seen in a while.

  6. You just gave me my laugh for the day!

  7. You aretotally adorable! I think I love this Seussian side of you.

    1. I get it from my father's side of the family. :)

  8. I love it - so original! Glad you linked up!

  9. there is nothing formal in the rules, but nearly every Friday there seems to be one Post that gets the consensus for the Post that deserves the 'damn!' award*. I'm just sorry it took me until this late Saturday (as in the next day) to get to your FTSF Post.

    *I am semi-making up the 'damn!' award, but I will still that this is the standout...original Post of this Friday's submissions.

  10. Wow, that was awesome! I loved that. Very clever way to share why you blog.

  11. Very cute poem. It reminds me of a poem I posted a few weeks ago. And being that you also live in MN, I think you'll be able to relate. (BTW, I totally had to stalk you to make sure that my memory served me right, so I google searched your zip code and saw you live in Minnetonka!!! I live in Saint Louis Park. Small world!)


    Nice post.

    1. I'll go check it out. It's cool to meet other bloggers from MN. :)

    2. I like your blog post but for some reason it won't let me comment, it just errors out

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